What is buffering and How to stop buffering ?

“Buffering,” in the most simple terms, is when your device pauses mid-task. Your system will put your task on hold until enough data is downloaded to allow the music or video stream to play without lag. Though buffering may be annoying at first, it’s actually meant to help you stream more fluidly. 

This temporary lag is often seen at the beginning of a video, but it can also occur when opening new web pages, streaming music or using apps on your cell phone. 

The universal symbols for buffering are the infinite loop or the hourglass.

Causes of buffering

According to The Guardian, internet speed and your equipment (i.e., computer and router) are the two main factors that affect buffering. But dig a little deeper and you’ll find some underlying components we can uproot, such as:

What type of internet do you have?

Let’s just say this upfront — avoiding all buffering is probably unavoidable. Even with high-speed internet and brand new equipment, any internet service provider (ISP) may still undergo updates or temporary slowdowns that are out of the individual consumer’s control. Some providers schedule system-wide updates after midnight to interrupt as little traffic as possible. 

Identify what type of internet provider you are currently using and see if there is an alternative to either upgrade your speed or switch to a different type of provider in your area. 

Buffering Hacks: How to stop buffering before it stops you

Webpage won’t loadClose unnecessary tabs. Restart your browser or switch to a different browser (i.e., try using Chrome instead of Safari). Some pages load better in alternate browsers.
Video stream won’t playPause the video to allow enough data to download. Lower playback quality on your streaming service.
Music streaming won’t playPause music player to allow more data to download.
App is freezingDelete and re-download the app. Close/turn off background applications in your settings tab.
General buffering and lagUpdate virus protection on your device. Viruses and malware can slow operations. Upgrade your internet speed or use PC Cleaner.

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