Altice has reduced upload speeds and New Optimum customers will now have to pay the same price for slower upload speeds.

As of June 2021, Altice has reduced its upload speeds for its Optimum internet products. Instead of 35 Mbps upload speeds, the 300 and 500 Mbps Optimum plans will now be reduced to 20 Mbps upload speeds. Additionally the Gigabit plan’s upload speeds will be reduced from 50 Mbps to 35 Mbps. Plans will still cost the same amount, however. 

Altice has reduced upload speed and will only apply to new customers. Customers already on one of Optimum’s internet plans will receive their original upload speeds but if they upgrade or downgrade plans, they will then have to drop to the slower upload speeds. 

Altice has reduced upload speeds and reported their decision to reduce speeds was to bring them “in line with other ISPs and aligned with the industry.”  They did not need to decrease upload speeds in order to manage the network and it seems they have only made this change because they didn’t want to provide faster speeds than they had to. 

This decrease in performance for no real reason is why many consumers are so frustrated with the lack of competition among ISPs. Most ISPs are able to raise prices and decrease performance because over a quarter of Americans only have one ISP available to them in their area. 

Without real competition, ISPs never have to worry about losing their customers for poor performance or exorbitant prices. Internet access is too essential for households to give up.

This is why it is so important that there are more rules and regulations around how ISPs conduct their business when Altice has reduced its upload speeds , especially when it comes to internet pricing, data caps and speed throttling.

Credit card fraud is on the rise in the U.S. as more people shop online, but there are easy ways to limit your exposure so shop safely online.

Online shopping is no longer the novelty it was when the internet first came onto the scene three decades ago. Around 70% of Americans have browsed products, compared prices or bought merchandise online at least once.

But all that money flowing through the internet has attracted attention from scammers and cyber-criminals. According to some estimates, the U.S. is responsible for around a third of global payment card fraud losses, making it the most fraud-prone country in the world. 

1. Look for the lock icon to Shop safely online

When you’re on a secure website, you’ll see a lock icon directly to the left of the URL. The URL itself will also begin with “https” instead of “http” on unsecured websites. This means the website has been secured with a digital certificate that makes sure your information can’t be intercepted by a third party. These endorsements are given by Certificate Authorities, and web browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla maintain lists of Certificate Authorities they deem trustworthy. 

You should never shop from a website that doesn’t have the lock icon, but the presence of a lock icon alone doesn’t mean you can ignore all other security measures. 

2. Use a password manager

On sites like Amazon that you shop on regularly, it’s essential that you use a strong and unique  password to protect your information. But having a strong and unique password for every website you use is a lot to ask your brain to remember. That’s where password managers come in.

On browsers like Chrome and Safari — and most smartphones — password managers come pre-installed, and often suggest strong passwords for you when you first create an account with a website. That way, you’ll only have to remember one password. 

If you want more security-related bells and whistles, you can also pay for a premium version of a password manager. These usually cost around $10 a year, and get you things like encrypted storage, the ability to share logins with other people and multifactor authentication.

3. Check out as a guest

Most online websites will try to nudge you towards making an account when you buy something, but it’s usually not necessary — especially if you don’t plan on shopping there regularly. If there’s an option to check out as a “guest,” you should probably use it. Using guest checkout means that your personal data like your name, credit card number and address won’t be stored on the website in the event of a hack. 

4. Monitor your transactions regularly

You can do everything right and still have your information stolen. That’s why it’s so important to be vigilant about charges on your bank account and credit cards: The sooner you can identify fraudulent activity, the sooner you can stop it. 

shop safely online

Some scammers aren’t just looking to make purchases on your dime — they actually want to use your information to open accounts in your name. In addition to checking your transactions for suspicious activity, it’s also a good idea to regularly monitor your credit report through a credit bureau or online service. 

5. Enable two-factor authentication

Data breaches are inevitable, and at some point, one of your passwords will probably be compromised. But that doesn’t have to mean a green light for scammers to steal your information. 

By enabling multi-factor authentication, a user is required to provide a second form of identity other than a password when they’re logging in on a new device. This typically comes in the form of a text or email with a login code. Larger companies like Amazon and PayPal use this by default, but if it’s an option on other e-commerce sites you use, we recommend taking advantage of it.

6. Opt for a credit card over debit to shop safely online  

There are a few reasons to use a credit card instead of a debit card when you’re online shopping shop safely online. Most credit card companies provide their customers “zero-fraud liability,” which means you won’t have to pay for purchases you didn’t make as long as it’s reported in a timely manner. 

Federal protections are also stronger for purchases made on credit. You’re only liable for a maximum of $50 of unauthorized purchases, and you’re not liable for any purchases made after you report your card lost or stolen. With debit cards, on the other hand, you could be on the hook for “all the money taken from your ATM/debit card account, and possibly more” if you don’t catch the fraudulent activity within 60 days. 

7. Turn on alerts

Most banks and credit card companies let you set up alerts any time a purchase is made on your account. If you want to be absolutely sure that no unauthorized charges have been made in your name, this is the best way to do it. You can usually limit this to transactions made online, by phone or by the mail, so you won’t have to deal with a notification every time you use your card in person this is one of the another ways to shop safely online. 

8. Use anti-malware software

You can protect yourself even further by using a quality anti-malware or antivirus program. It’s a good idea to use this wherever you online shop to shop safely online , whether it’s from your PC or phone. Fortunately, most products offer cross-platform protection, and many of them also include things like VPN access and password management, so you can control all your security settings in one place. 

If you’re like maximum humans today, your pc is the primary component you “speak to” in the morning and the final component you “speak to” at night. Below are few tips to Speed Up Your Slow PC.

1. Programs: Not Using It – Uninstall It

Modern PCs come with pre-installed programs, and the chances are you’re not planning to utilize them, and they moderate your computer down from day one, and they keep including to it. Regularly alluded to as bloatware, crapware, junkware, and is frequently self-advertising for whoever you buy your computer.

Numerous of these you’ll never utilize, and numerous of them are running within the foundation always without you being mindful of them. They are abating your computer down.

To remove this bloatware, either the day you buy your computer or afterward, follow these steps: Start>Control Panel>Programs and Features. Then scroll down the list, then uninstall the ones you won’t use. There are software programs that can help you choose which ones are practical for you and once you do that you would Speed Up Your Slow PC.

2. Temporary: Delete

Every time you surf the Internet, history remains on your computer. When anything is installed on your computer, a lot of unneeded “trash” stays and takes up space and slows down your computer. To get rid of that “packaging,” follow these steps: My Computer>Main Drive>Windows>Temp then right-click on the temp folder, go to options and choose Details. Once you have finished this, select all files older than today and press delete. Next – empty the Recycle Bin!

3. The Drive: Solid and Strong

If your computer is taking forever to turn on, boot up, the hard drive could be the problem. Because there are a lot of moving elements, it takes them longer to get moving. Change to flash memory and it will flash read the data faster, getting your computer booted up more quickly.

4. Storage: Increase It

Whether cleaned and clean, you keep up your computer, the difficult drive will still get full and moderate down your computer, particularly on the off chance that you are doing a part of media and video recording. Purchase a 1TB mega capacity drive for those recordings and free up space on your computer.

5. Start-Up: Delete Unnecessary Ones to Speed Up Your Slow PC

Each time you turn on your computer, it has programmed begin programs. In case you don’t utilize them each day, there’s no ought to begin up consequently. Clean those you don’t utilize out with these steps: Start>type RUN> type  MSConfig in box>Click “startup” tab” and uncheck the ones that aren’t fundamental for your day by day operations. Take off the antivirus one alone and can use virus removal.

6. RAM: Increase It

Do you use several applications simultaneously, like your email, an internet browser, and Word? Does your computer hesitate when going from one to the other? You can upgrade the RAM for cheap and fix this problem and then you can Speed Up Your Slow PC.

7. Disk: Run a Clean-Up

Your computer can benefit from a spring cleaning with the following steps:
Start>All Programs>Accessories> System Tools>Disk Cleanup

8Defrag: Run Disk Defragment

Speed Up Your Slow PC

It sounds scary, but it isn’t. It is an easy way to optimize the efficiency of your hard drive. Follow these steps: My Computer>right-click on the hard drive>select Properties>Tools>Defragment Now.

9Dust: Dust and Vacuum

You need to dust and vacuum your computer regularly( the fastest way to Speed Up Your Slow PC). Computers suck up a lot of dust through the cooling fan and clog the airflow. A computer runs its best when it runs cold, so that airflow needs to be clear to keep your Computer or Laptop from overheating and slowing it down.

Turn your computer off and wait for thirty minutes. Using your household vacuum on the lowest setting and being incredibly careful, suck out the dust inside your computer. Another option is canned air to blow out dust once a week.

10. New Computer: Buy a new one

If your computer is of age and getting old, it may be time to buy a new one. Today, the hottest thing going is tablets, so computers and their components, desktops, and laptops are cheaper than they were just a few years ago.

Check out some ways to know for sure and how you can secure your home network and how you can prevent hacking.

Most internet users are familiar with hackers and the havoc they can wreak on unsuspecting targets. But did you know that your router, a key component to your home Wi-Fi connection, is also susceptible to hackers looking to cash in on your internet connection?

Here are some common signs to watch out for and easy solutions for how to fix a hacked router that can help if your network is compromised. 

Signs your router’s been hacked and to prevent hacking you can follow some steps

Your router is responsible for managing the connection between your internet-connected devices and your home Wi-Fi. Once your router has been successfully hacked, the third-party can carry out a number of malicious activities including identity theft, malware attacks and website reroutes. Here are a few symptoms of a compromised router:

  • Your router login is no longer effective
  • Foreign IP addresses are listed on your network
  • You’re receiving ransomware and fake antivirus messages
  • Software installations are taking place without your permission
  • Your internet service provider (ISP) reaches out

Depending on the culprit behind your router’s hack, you may notice any one of several signs that your network has been compromised. If the hacker is simply looking to access a free Wi-Fi connection, your only sign may be a foreign IP address listed on your network and slower speeds than usual.

How to fix a hacked router


Resetting your router could help disrupt any active malware on your network and help you identify other infected devices. When the VPNFilter malware became a major threat in 2018, the FBI’s number one recommendation was a router reboot. To start, hold down the router’s reset button until the device shuts down. When it’s back up and running, you’ll need to reconfigure all your network’s settings.

Update the router’s firmware

prevent hacking

Most router models will not automatically update firmware on their own the way computer software does, so it’s a good idea to make sure you take care of this on your own. Upgrade to the latest version of available firmware every 90 days or whenever updates are available. 

Inactivate remote administration

The “Remote administration” setting on your router gives users the ability to access your computer and internet connection from a different location. It can be a great feature for personal use and a real issue if a hacker gains access. If you’ve ever heard of someone watching their mouse move or a program installing on its own, the odds are that someone is manipulating your computer in real-time.  

Turn on your guest network

Enable your router’s “Guest Network” option. This function is designed for visitors to your home and to essentially keep your devices on a separate network from theirs. This separation can help you protect not only your network connection but also the smart home devices that utilize the connection.

Your router is the key to your home Wi-Fi connection. Don’t leave your network and smart home devices unsecured and vulnerable to threats. Keep in touch with us on social or bookmark our Resource Center for more tips and tricks on gaining greater internet security. 

How to protect against a hack for your devices( prevent hacking )

Protecting laptops and computers

  • Download a security software, or make sure yours is up-to-date. This may seem like basic advice but adding an extra layer of protection is important to prevent hacking.
  • Install antivrus and antimalware software. Similar to security software sowing so will install a firewall and keep threats at bay. Beware of scams and attempts of phissing and having your personal information disclosed.
  • Turn off your connection when you are not using it. In turning off your Wi-Fi or bluetooth connection, less people will even have the option to try to connect or know that it exists further protecting you and your home.
  • Download a VPN. Downloading a trusted VPN like ExpressVPN will allow for you to have a layer of anonymity and will encrypt your online browser.

Protecting your phone

  • Only connect to trusted networks. This way you know what you’re connecting to.
  • Avoid unsecure public networks. When on a public or open Wi-Fi don’t log into any personal bank account or account with personal information.
  • Download a mobile VPN. If you have one for your home devices chances are you can also download it on your phone.
  • Turn off your autocomplete feature. This prevents critical data from being stored in the first place.

In the virus removal event that your PC is responding gradually, has obscure of new antivirus springing up at fire up, or doesn’t permit you to do certain errands, the reason is probable from an infection, rootkit infection, trojan, spyware, or malware. The most concerning issue is the phony or obscure antivirus programs that occasionally require the client to pay cash to eliminate the infection these phony projects guarantee to discover.

What is a computer virus and how virus removal helpful?

First off, computer viruses can take many different forms. In general terms, these viral programs are any unwanted bit of code designed for the purpose of invading and disrupting your computer. But much like a biological virus, computer viruses invade, replicate themselves, and then try to get into other systems. Some viruses may only affect your internet browser. Others  are even more harmful. 

Signs of a Virus

A sudden slowdown may be the first sign that you have a virus, and you may notice that programs which used to load quickly take longer and longer to load. You may also receive multiple error messages about programs becoming unresponsive. In this case, the virus is using the processing power of your own computer system, and consequently other programs are having trouble running at the same time.

Some viruses and malware only affect certain parts of your system. For example, you could discover that the home page of your browser has changed without your knowledge. You may also have trouble logging onto antivirus and antimalware sites, or if/when a virus gets into your email program, you may start to hear from your contacts about strange emails coming from your computer.

How does a virus get on your computer?

Computer viruses have been around for about as long as personal computers, and virus programmers understand that human error is always the easiest way to install a virus. Therefore, while strong antivirus programs can effectively prevent most computerized threats or for virus removal, they cannot stop a user from clicking the wrong link or installing compromised software on  their own system. When you download programs or data from an unfamiliar site, remember that you may also be unknowingly accepting a viral program onto your system. Links in malicious emails can also start an automatic download.

And new viruses come online all the time. The experts at McAfee are constantly learning about new malicious programs and then developing solutions. If however, you do not regularly update your virus definitions, a harmful program may still be able to sneak by your defensive software so here you can also call the experts .

Now and then these phony or hurtful antivirus programs prevent a client from playing out any errands whatsoever. A portion of these infections can likewise commandeer your program and make the client imagine that the web doesn’t work. To totally eliminate these infection and rootkits infections there are extraordinary projects that can be utilized under the oversight of PC fix proficient. More often than not, various enemy of infection programs should be utilized to totally eliminate the issue. There are a few free projects that can be utilized to clean these infections and keep them off your PC forever.

Virus Removal

We have the main innovation needed to securely and adequately perform malware and infection evacuation. A great deal of organizations guarantee to totally eliminate a PC infection yet more often than not they don’t on the grounds that they just clean the spyware or malware yet not the basic infection or rootkit infection issues. Our accomplished specialists ensure secure and productive infection help and versatile infection expulsion. We’ll even offer you the best enemy of infection guidance to abstain from any harming infections tainting your PC later on.

If you think your computer may have a virus or you’re just interested in finding out which virus removal software works best, give us a call.

Though most people will in general fix their PCs without anyone else, most do not have the experience and apparatuses to play out the assignments suitably then we require Professionals For Computer Repair

Do-It-Yourself methodology can harm your gadget further, causing you to bring about extra expenses. Considering that, coming up next are spending plan agreeable advantages that will urge you to recruit an expert for PC fixes.

Benefits to Hire Professionals For Computer Repair

Professionals For Computer Repair


  • Cost-Effective
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Saves Valuable Time
  • Regular Maintenance
    • Anti-malware/anti-spyware
    • Disk and application cleanup
    • Windows and application updates
    • File backup
    • Cleaning computer hardware


It is entirely expected to accept that proficient PC fix administrations are regularly after your well deserved cash and will do all that could be within reach to make you pay more. Thusly, you might be enticed to take the DIY course. In any case, attempting to fix your PC all alone can end up being costly, particularly in the event that you are new to the gadget’s frameworks. You may introduce a product program inaccurately or accidentally harm an equipment segment. This may prompt extra costs, which may surpass an expert’s rate.

As opposed to prevalent thinking, most specialists charge moderate expenses for PC fix. Any additional sum regularly identifies with segment substitutions or extra issues recognized during the maintenance interaction.

Our Professionals For Computer Repair perform top-notch repairs using quality material, parts, and tools to keep your devices in top-level performance longer, saving you from repeated repairs that can be costly. 

Individual and business information are very important. Business information lies at the core of pretty much every business choice, empowering organizations to smooth out the way toward making an item and making it open to clients. Individual information is an expansion of your sentiments and thought, and losing those lovely family photographs, tax documents, and other significant records can be unnerving.

Tragically, information misfortune is normal, particularly when clients attempt to deal with PC fixes without anyone else. Arranging mistakes, actual harm, and malware/infections can deliver your information muddled.

While you can recuperate some lost information with proficient IT specialists’ assistance, now and then rescuing lost information is outlandish. This focuses to the criticality of information misfortune counteraction.

Understanding that recovering some data can be impossible, We also provides custom data backup solutions, offering you the peace of mind that your files and information are always on the safe side. Call us today.

Saves Valuable Time once you book the Professionals For Computer Repair

Attempting to fix a fundamental issue with your gadget can be tedious. You may need to examine a few specialized books or scour the web for accommodating assets, which may shave a unimaginable measure of time from your daily schedule. Hence, it is great to enlist an expert for PC fix since they can recognize and fix an issue rapidly.

Regular Maintenance

Routine computer maintenance enables experts to detect problems early, which minimizes expenses related to computer breakdowns. Along with keeping your computer performing at the highest level, maintenance helps extend the device’s lifespan.

We Provide computer maintenance contract encompasses the following solutions:

  • Anti-malware/anti-spyware: Protects your computer against virus damage and intrusions, saving you a lot of trouble and time.
  • Disk and application cleanup: Maximizes your computer’s efficiency and drive’s memory by deleting old bits of data left behind and files not needed anymore. They include undeleted temporary files, web pages archived automatically, unused programs, and more.
  • Windows and application updates: This includes checking Microsoft upgrades, from scheduled updates to the latest Services Packs. Some of the applications we help update include Messaging, Browsers, Media, Security, Cloud Storage, and Security.
  • File backup: We create a file backup plan and system recovery disks to keep your data secure.
  • Cleaning computer hardware: This involves dusting computer vents, fans, and accessories and keeping your PC ventilated to keep the entire system running smoothly and longer.

Professional For Home Theatre Installation : home performance center’s are at the bleeding edge of sound, video and frameworks organization development. While this is stimulating, it can in like manner be prohibitively exorbitant. Exacerbating the situation, the salesperson in your run of the mill home development store will endeavor to up sell you on every segment. Yet, Professional For Home Theatre Installation will make your theater structure suitably, which means you’ll get the best motivation from each piece of development accessible to you.

Having an unbelievable home performance center should exclude twelve special controllers disseminated over your nightstand. Lamentably, this is habitually reality home theater proprietors need to oversee.

You Required Professional For Home Theatre Installation for Pre-Wiring

Perhaps the main strides in building your home auditorium is the pre-wiring.

Professional For Home Theatre Installation

The right wiring can mean the distinction between seeing full 4K and passing up a great opportunity. Or on the other hand getting a charge out of vivid 3D sound.

High-data transmission links, as HDMI 2.0, might be expected to benefit from your framework. Be that as it may, HDMI has a restricted powerful reach.

In situations where the links need to convey a message farther than 16 feet, you may have to move up to HD Base or fiber-optic arrangements.

Counsel an integrator who can give proficient and practical answers for your space.


Quite possibly the most intricate cycles for introducing a home venue is improving the space for sound.

The right decorations and acoustic medicines can assist with limiting sound reflections, so your sound framework plays like a business establishment. Also, soundproofing your room will assist with limiting sound drain, so you can listen stronger.

In any case, each room is extraordinary, and relying upon the number of seats, where they’re situated and the number of level, hard surfaces you have, it can mean various arrangements might be required.

Your integrator will help you track down the ideal harmony among solace and sound joy.


Most homeowners prefer traditional theater setups, where the screen is placed in the front of the room, then the seats and finally the projector lives behind them.

But in some spaces, rear-projection or even a flat-panel TV may be appropriate.

Plus, you’ll have to ensure that each source connects directly with each display device, which could mean running wires in complex patterns throughout the room.

Your integrator can provide smart solutions to keep your devices and wiring out of the way while you enjoy your content.


Each home venue is one of a kind, and keeping in mind that most property holders may lean toward essentially watching films and sports in theirs, yours can be just about as adaptable as you need to make it.

From mechanized lifts that shroud your AV when not being used, to computerized lighting and concealing arrangements that you can handle with the dash of a catch, an expert installer can help you assemble the perfect arrangement so that is why Professional For Home Theatre Installation is required.

In case you’re prepared to begin on your own home theater establishment, how about we talk!

Simply call the number at the lower part of your screen to converse with a genuine individual at the present time.

Guaranteed high-quality installation

When you take on building a home theater system alone, you can’t ensure your DIY will end with a high-quality installation. If you’re working with a trained and experienced professional, they know how to match video and audio components to deliver the best performance on your budget.

They even know how to integrate all of the technology a home theater system requires into your property without compromising the aesthetic you worked so hard to create.

From the moment you first get in touch with a professional installer, they work to develop customized solutions for your project so that everyone can have a premier movie-watching experience in your home.

In TV Mounting if we Discuss walls, it would positively be advantageous if you would simply penetrate a little opening into the sheet rock and hang that child on up… in any case, you know – physical science. Ordinary drywall just can’t uphold the heaviness of your new TV, and regardless of what your companions may advise you, regardless of whether you utilize the world’s greatest anchor, it’s inevitable before humpty dumpty comes tumbling down, or whatever the children are saying nowadays.

TV Mounting : Televisions are unquestionably the go-to source of entertainment in homes. Most people consume media through TV-screens, which means those reflective surfaces must be spot-free in order for movie buffs, news addicts, and show junkies to enjoy their favorite content on TV.
TV Mounting & Installation

Miserable as it could be, you will totally have to discover a stud to hang that TV mount, or discover a divider made out of something more significant. We prescribe that you address an expert (or if nothing else truly trust the individual you ask at the tool shop) about the particulars of your circumstance prior to hanging your TV mount.

Just the Right TV Mounting

The last thing you need is to go through all the nonsense of introducing your TV mount, just to find that you should pull down your TV each time you need to get to the ports. Or on the other hand that for a few hours every evening, the burning impression of the sun takes steps to singe your honest corneas.

In case you will require a turning mount, ensure you know ahead of time. Then again, in the event that you think you’d lean toward a more steady mount, ensure that your ports are appropriately arranged prior to penetrating into your divider. You will require additional assistance to lift, and appropriately mount your TV to the divider mount.

Choose TV Size for Wall for TV Mounting

Determine the size of your TV

When deciding on a TV size for your living room, bedrooms or kitchen it’s important to figure out the space you have available for one first. Figuring out which size of tv is best depends largely on two things:

*How much wall space do I want my new TV to take up? The larger the screen, the more space it will take up, so if you have a small space to work with that may mean opting for something smaller

*Do I want the TV visible from other rooms? If you’re going for an eye-catching centerpiece and your living room is the open plan then go big! But if privacy matters more than anything else (and we don’t blame you!) then go for a smaller TV

It’s also worth considering that there are TVs of all shapes and sizes to suit any room, so you don’t have to buy the same size as your previous one. If this is your first time buying a new TV, it can be daunting! But fear not – we’re here with some of the best advice on how to choose TV size for a wall.

Left to Your Own Devices

This one doesn’t have to do with actually mounting your TV essentially, however when you get that terrible kid safely arranged, you will have to begin planning and aligning every one of your gadgets – link, media player, computer game control center, keen home colleague, and so on. We won’t lie – there will be controllers. A significant number of them.

You’ll see sufficient triple A batteries to last you a lifetime. You’ll spend unlimited minutes looking through choices and choosing dialects. You probably won’t realize what you’re doing, however the reading material measured guidance manual will be sufficiently threatening to keep you under control. Perhaps your senses are acceptable. Possibly you have a well informed companion. Or then again perhaps…

We Can be There Within an Hour

You can order a certified technician to your home in minutes, simply by selecting your TV size, your location, and the time frame that suits you best. The technician can install your TV mount and configure all relevant devices professionally, without you having to do a thing. No need to worry about having the tools or know-how. Your Saver will bring all that with them – they can even provide the TV wall mount.

Or, if you prefer, you can purchase one yourself and simply have your technician perform the general installation. And if you want to take credit for our TV Installation Service, for yourself, well, your secret is safe with us. Just like your TV.

VPN Set up likely that you and your family are relying even more on your internet connection, your Wi-Fi and all your internet-connected devices to stay on top of things. Find out how a VPN can make your online activities more secure and learn exactly how to set up a VPN on your smartphones, laptops and tablets.

What’s a VPN and why do I need one?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and it does exactly what it sounds like: creates a safe place for you to browse. VPNs are especially useful when working from home and handling sensitive information online. 

VPNs are typically utilized by businesses to keep employees working online from anywhere without compromising the security of the company. But, internet users everywhere are finding VPNs especially helpful now that many large companies have also taken up shop at home.

How does a VPN work and steps for VPN set up?

A VPN connects your device to its own online server and lets you browse the web anonymously. The best VPN services encrypt your internet traffic and send it through secure tunnels around the world so that no one (including your internet provider) is able to see it.

Check out a few popular VPN services experts are recommending for personal use:

  • ExpressVPN: Available on Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS
  • NordVPN: Available on Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS
  • Surfshark: Available on Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS
  • IPVanish: Available on Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS
  • CyberGhost: Available on Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS

VPN set up steps:

VPN set up

You’ve done the research and you’ve decided on the VPN that best meets your needs. Now, install the VPN of your choice via an app on any of your devices that require protection, including mobile devices, laptops and desktop computers. You’ll generally pay one monthly fee for security on a limited number of devices, so select yours and make them count. 

Once you log into the app, you’ll be connected to the closest VPN server in your area to maximize speed and reduce latency. If you’re looking to get your VPN service app-free or are concerned with app security, configure your device directly to the service. 

VPN set up on Chrome OS:

To manually add a VPN in Chrome OS:

  • Click on the time display in your lower right corner and select Settings
  • Choose Add connection and select OpenVPN/L2TP
  • Input the VPN information including the server hostname, service name and provider type. Click Connect

VPN set up on macOS:

To manually add a VPN to a macOS device:

  • Choose the apple symbol in the left upper corner and select System Preferences.
  • Choose Network and then click the + symbol to begin.
  • Select VPN in the dropdown menu and then fill in the VPN type and service name.
  • Click Create and add the server address, remote ID and local ID.
  • Select Authentication Settings and enter the username and password you’ve set for the VPN 
  • Click OK and then Connect to finish.

VPN set up on Windows :

Add a VPN to your Windows device without an app by first creating a profile for your new service.

  • Open the main menu using the Windows button and then choose Settings
  • Choose Network & Internet and then select VPN.
  • Select Add a VPN connection and build your profile with a VPN connection name of your choice, the server address, VPN type and your sign-in information.
  • Choose Save to install the new service. Return to the VPN main menu to connect.

Opt for your device to save your sign-in information so you can stay connected to your VPN without manual setup later. 

Set up a VPN on iOS:

To manually add a VPN to an iOS device without an app:

  • Open the Settings menu and choose General.
  • Select VPN and then Add VPN Configuration to install the new service.
  • Choose Type to select a security protocol, which should be provided by the VPN.
  • Navigate back to the Add VPN Configuration screen, and then add the VPN’s server address, remote ID and local ID.
  • Enter or create a username and password to your device if you haven’t done so already.
  • Select Done to go back to the VPN screen and toggle the status switch to ON to activate. 

Set up a VPN on Android:

Some VPN services may vary when it comes to Android setup. However, the manual configuration should be fairly straightforward no matter what: 

  • Open the Settings menu and select Network & Internet and then Advanced.
  • Choose VPN and press Add to install the new service.
  • Create a screen lock or password if you’ve yet to do so through Google.
  • Fill in the details of your VPN profile using the name, type and server address and then click Save.
  • On the main VPN screen, find the name of your new VPN and click to put in your name and password. Choose Connect.

You also have the option to set your VPN to save your account information and stay connected.

Your new smart TV or streaming device probably comes with a load of apps like Netflix and Hulu already pre-downloaded. But there’s so much more out there And with most new streaming devices and smart TVs, searching for a movie will comb through all your apps, so you can see if a title is available for free before you pay to rent it. Here are some of our Best Apps for smart TV apps. 

People usually search for Best Apps for smart TV so below are some if it.

The Criterion Channel

Good for: Art house and foreign films
Price: $10.99/mo., $99.99/year
Available on: Amazon Fire TV, Android TVs, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Roku
Recommended titlesMulholland DriveIn the Mood for LoveThe Thin Blue Line

NIrvana for the serious film buff, The Criterion Channel debuted in May 2019 to a standing ovation from cinephiles. The Criterion Channel has more movies in IMDb’s Top 250 list than Amazon, Hulu and HBO.

Best Apps for smart TV : Disney+

Best Apps for smart TV

Good for: Disney, Star Wars, Pixar, Marvel
Price: $6.99/mo., $12.99/mo. bundle with Hulu and ESPN+
Available on: Amazon Fire TV, Android TVs, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, LG smart TVs, PlayStation 4, Roku, Samsung smart TVs, Xbox One
Recommended titlesThe MandalorianInside OutThe Sound of Music

While it’s hardly unheralded, Disney+ is new enough that it might not come pre-installed on your TV or streaming device. And if you’re looking for something the whole family can watch over the holidays, it’s hard to beat the Disney+ catalog of Star Wars, Marvel and Pixar movies. Its original content has also been a hit so far, earning rave reviews from both critics and viewers. 

Another Best Apps for smart TV is Fox Sports

Good for: 4K sports
Price: Included with pay-TV subscription
Available on: Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Roku, Xbox One

If you recently unwrapped a brand new 4K TV, you’re probably wondering where you can find some 4K content to watch on it. Few things benefit more from 4K than sports — the contrast between lights and darks, increased resolution and wider range of colors all bring out more detail in the games than you’d ever see otherwise. 

Unfortunately, sports in 4K is still in the early stages. Fox is one of the only networks that’s experimenting with it, and you can catch every Thursday Night Football matchup — along with college football and basketball games — in 4K HDR on Fox apps. We’ve put together a full guide to watching Fox in 4K here. 


Good for: Live cable channels
Price: $54.99/mo. 
Available on: Amazon Fire TV, Android TVs, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Roku, Samsung smart TVs

Unlike any of the other streaming apps on this list, fuboTV streams the same live TV channels you’d get through your cable or satellite provider. In our review of the best live TV streaming services, we named fuboTV the app with the best all-around channel selection, but if you’re looking for a service that’s a little better for sports, we’d recommend YouTube TV ($50/mo.). 


Good for: Prestige TV, movies
Price: $14.99/mo.
Available on: Amazon Fire TV, Android TVs, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, PlayStation 4, Roku, Samsung smart TVs, Xbox One
Recommended titlesWatchmenGame of ThronesSuccession

Want to watch all The Sopranos Christmas episodes on your break? Jonesing for the 1996 Schwarzenegger classic Jingle All the Way? HBO is the only place you can get them. (If you already get HBO through your TV provider, you can use HBO GO to access the HBO library at no additional cost.) (Best Apps for smart TV)


Good for: Holiday movies
Price: Free (with a participating library card)
Available on: Amazon Fire TV, Android TVs, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Roku
Recommended titlesChristmas with the KranksThe Miracle on 34th StreetA Christmas Carol

If you are a movie person then Best Apps for smart TV is this. Like Kanopy (see below), Hoopla is supported entirely by your local library. But while Kanopy specializes in more serious art house fare, Hoopla is more like your neighborhood video store: there should be something for everyone here. Its holiday movie library is particularly impressive, with a good mix of classics and newer releases. 


Good for: Foreign and indie films
Price: Free (with a participating library card)
Available on: Amazon Fire TV, Android TVs, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Roku, Samsung smart TVs, Telstra smart TVs
Recommended titlesZodiacLady BirdHarold and Maude

Kanopy’s motto is “thoughtful entertainment,” and you won’t find many big-budget blockbusters on the library-funded streaming service. But that’s not to say it’s full of stuffy movies that will put you to sleep. On the contrary, Kanopy has some of the most beloved movies in recent years like Oscar darlings MoonlightAmy and Room — all available for free.


Good for: Local TV channels
Price: Free
Available on: Amazon Fire TV, Android TVs, Apple TV, DIRECTV, DISH, Google Chromecast, Roku

If you don’t pay for cable, satellite or live TV streaming, Locast is one of the best resources you’ll find. The non-profit airs local over-the-air channels like ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, PBS and The CW entirely for free. The only catch? Locast is currently only available in 16 U.S. cities. If you live in one of them, it’s absolutely worth a download. 

The most demanding Best Apps for smart TV is Pluto TV

Good for: Live news, sports channels, 2000s reality TV
Price: Free
Available on: Amazon Fire TV, Android TVs, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Roku, Android TV

While you won’t get big names like ESPN, Pluto TV has a surprisingly solid lineup of live TV channels for free. Out of its 100+ channels, you’ll find offshoots from NBC, CBS and CNN, and they’re often showing the exact same stuff as their pay-TV counterparts. And because it’s owned by Viacom, there are dozens of channels devoted to MTV, VH1 and BET hit shows from the 2000s. 

Tubi TV

Good for: Popular movies and TV shows
Price: Free
Available on: Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Comcast XFinity X1, Cox Contour, Google Chromecast, Nvidia Shield, PlayStation, Roku, Samsung smart TVs, Sony smart TVs, Xbox One
Recommended titlesMajor LeagueNo Country for Old MenScream

Tubi has the best all-around selection of any free streaming service, so it’s the perfect app to start exploring your new smart TV or streaming device. And unlike Kanopy and Hoopla, Tubi is entirely supported by ads, so you don’t need a participating library to use it.